Refer an Advertiser & Get $25.00

We'll pay you $25.00 if you refer a new advertiser that places an ad on our Website.

Just fill out the form below & we'll contact that potential advertiser.  If your lead turns into an advertiser we'll send you a check for $25.00.

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* All information is for our use only & will not be given or shared with anyone else unless you give us permission to use your name when we call on the prospective business for an ad.  We need this information to contact you and mail you your referral fee.

** Fill in as much information as possible.  The more information we have the better our chances of getting the ad and the better your chances of receiving money.

We will only pay a referral fee for a lead that turns into an actual paid ad on our website.  In the event more than 1 person sends us the same referral we will pay the first person to send us the lead, which will be determined by the date and time we receive this completed form.

If you are a business & referring yourself, we will give you 3 free months of additional advertising in lieu of $25 cash.