(Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I print a coupon?

††††††††††† Itís fairly simple.First find a coupon by category by scrolling on the list on the left of the page.Click on the category and bring up the listing by location.Then click on the desired business and your coupon & ad will appear.At this point you should scroll down to the coupon to make sure itís the one you want.Click on the PRINT icon on the top of your browser screen.An alternate method is to click on File & then Print from your menu at the top of the screen.


Why does the menu screen print instead of the coupon?

††††††††††† If this happens try clicking on the coupon and then print the coupon.


Why does only part of the ad print and the rest of the page is blank?

††††††††††† You probably have an older printer with very little memory.These printers were designed for text only and the coupons are graphic files.If you send a stamped self addressed envelope we will gladly mail you any coupons you want from our page.Most $100 inkjet printers sold today will handle graphics in full color.


How many coupons can I print from one business?

††††††††††† You may print as many as you need. We encourage you to print out extra coupons and keep them in your car or purse for future use.Also give some to friends or relatives who donít have Internet access.


Will the merchant really accept a coupon I printed myself?

††††††††††† Yes, the coupons on this page were designed by the advertisers to bring in more business.They know how the coupons will look printed on an average printer.


Why donít I see any coupons from my area of New Jersey?

††††††††††† We are a new company based in Central New Jersey and growing every day.If you know of a merchant in your area that you think would like to advertise with us have them call us at (732-446-3266) and we will have a sales representative talk to them.


Why did I get an error message saying "Page Not Found" when I click on an advertiser?

            Whoops! We must have goofed!  Please notify us at once so we can correct the problem.


Why donít I see a menu on the left of the screen?

††††††††††† Sometimes a search engine will only pick up only one page of the entire site.If the whole page doesnít load try typing www.couponaddiction.com again in the ďAddressĒ or ďLocationĒ box in your browser at the top of your screen.


How can I advertise on Coupon Addiction.com?


If you have any other questions feel free to write to us at info@couponaddiction.com.